We have become used to the fact that the earth which we live on, is
suspended in space, perpetually rotating within a dark ocean.

In our modern world, the majority of people don't take the time to look
up and gaze in wonder at the galaxies which were formed light years
before us. We are too engrossed in our individual daily routines,
ambitions and worries.

The underlying truth is that we are only a tiny part of something huge,
on a scale which the human mind cannot easily imagine. 

The meteorite integrated within your watchcase has made a voyage
through time and space, in darkness, passing a vast array of planets
& stars on its journey towards earth. 

O R M O U S is a daily reminder for you to take a moment to look up,
to see the bigger picture and perhaps view things differently, which
can put the daily challenges into their proper context, giving you a
better chance to fulfill your potential.